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The Snowmaiden

Autumn 2024


The Snowmaiden has lived her whole life under the watchful eye of her parents, Grandfather Frost and Spring Beauty, hidden from the heat of the sun. Jealous of the passionate lives of the mortal villagers living nearby, she begs her parents to let her join them – but discovers her heart of ice means she cannot fall in love. As the Snowmaiden becomes fascinated by a boy in the village, her wish to find true happiness comes with dire consequences.

Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Snowmaiden is a classic coming of age tale packed with colour and folk melodies, vividly conjuring up the conflict between real and mythical worlds. English Touring Opera’s new production is helmed by the award-winning director Olivia Fuchs and conducted by Hannah Quinn, with designs by the Linbury Prize-winning Eleanor Bull.


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