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Don Giovanni and Leporello are standing stage right next to a staircase. Leporello is holding his coat and Don Giovanni.

Don Giovanni

Spring 2016

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Don Giovanni, a Spanish nobleman, travels through Europe seducing women, accompanied by his long-suffering servant Leporello. When his actions lead to murder, he unleashes vengeance from beyond the grave.
Spring 2016
  • 4 Stars

    The orchestra, under the wise hand of Michael Rosewell, summons a sound of astonishing grandeur. In all it’s a terrific show, which proves once again what a treasure ETO really is.

    The Telegraph

  • 4 Stars

    Mozart’s dark vision delivers subterranean thrills… Beautifully acted and finely sung… A fine achievement, and the best UK staging of Don Giovanni for some time

    The Guardian

  • 5 Stars

    Unmissable… Gets practically everything right.

    Whats On Stage

  • 4 Stars

    One of the more enjoyable Don Giovannis this reviewer has seen in recent years.

    Opera Britannia


Act I

Concealing his identity, Don Giovanni is attempting to seduce Donna Anna inside her house. Outside, his servant Leporello complains about having to keep watch. Soon Don Giovanni rushes out, pursued by Donna Anna and her father, the Commendatore. In a fight the Commendatore is killed, and Donna Anna and her fiancé Don Ottavio swear vengeance on the unknown assassin.

A little while later Don Giovanni bumps into Donna Elvira, whom he had once promised to amrry and then deserted. He leaves her with Leporello, who recites an extravagant list of his master’s conquests in the hope of deterring her from her pursuit.

Don Giovanni arrives at the wedding party of two peasants, Zerlina and Masetto.

Zerlina, he quickly persuades Zerlina to come to his house for some fun. He is interrupted when Donna Elvira arrives (followed by Donna Anna and Don Ottavio) and warns her about his cruelty. Don Giovanni accuses Elvira of madness and leaves, but as he is going Donna Anna finally recognises her assailant and vows revenge.

Don Giovanni tells Leporello to invite everyone to a party on his estate. At the gathering Zerlina begs forgiveness from Masetto, before being relentlessly pursued (again) by Don Giovanni’s charms. Donna Anna, Don Ottavio and Donna Elvira arrive masked to catch their prey, but in a moment of confusion Don Giovanni manages to escape their clutches.

Act II

Leporello wants to leave his master’s service, but is persuaded to stay with money.

Don Giovanni then orders Leporello to exchange clothes with him, in order to Seduce Elviras maid. He makes Donna Elvira believe that he still loves her, sends her off with the disguised Leporello, and then serenades her maid.

Masetto arrives , looking to kill Zerlina’s seducer. The disguised Don Giovanni tells him where the culprit is, and then attacks him. Zerlina finds Masetto and comforts him.

A little while later, Leporello (still disguised as Don Giovanni) is found by the vengeance-seekers. They threaten to kill him (except Elvira, who pleads for his life) but he reveals he is not the only one they want and escapes.

In a cemetery the statue of the Commendatore warns Don Giovanni that his career of crime will soon be cut short, only to be laughed at and audaciously invited to supper.

Don Giovanni is at supper when Elvira bursts in and begs him to turn away from his wicked life. He refuses, and she is leaving the statue arrives. It also warns Giovanni to repent, but with as little success. While Leporello looks on, Don Giovanni is dragged down to hell.