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A bright blue background with the title 'Under the Little Red Moon'. A young boy sits on the floor holding up a large red ball with a smiling face

Under the Little Red Moon

Spring 2022

Composed by Russell Hepplewhite | Written and Directed by Tim Yealland | Film by Babis Alexiadis


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An online mash-up of animation and live action performances made especially for under 4s.

In consultation with specialist paediatricians, Under the Little Red Moon explores the development of language with the help of music and movement.

We have collaborated with National Literacy Trust's Words for Lifeto create some resources that go alongside the opera to help you and your child interact with the story.

Download the pack below.


The story begins with a red moon rising above Lulu, Monty and their friend Tom.

Let’s play! But why is the moon red? Look! Now it’s turned blue and it’s crying blue dots. Do the ladybirds know why? Perhaps the little pond can tell us? Or maybe the rabbits have the answer. Oh! Now we know! The rabbits have stolen all the shiny things that make the moon white. We’ll give them back to the moon. That’s better!