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Working with English Touring Opera

Freelance Associate Policies and Resources

Anti bullying and discrimination policy

ETO is committed to providing a working environment free from harassment and bullying and ensuring all staff are treated, and treat others, with dignity and respect.

Associates Complaints Procedure

During your time with us, should any issues arise, it is important that you know the steps to take to find resolution.

We encourage the first port of call to be resolution by constructive conversation with the individual/s concerned or with the Company Stage Manager, then advice from our Producer if necessary.

If a resolution or course of action still cannot be found, ETO offers a grievance procedure in line with the one available to full time employees, which you can read by clicking on the links above.

Environmental Policy

ETO strives to reduce its environmental footprint and we would ask you to help us by:

  • Washing up mugs rather than use disposable cups
  • Making use of recycling stations where available
  • Viewing schedules and information in e-format rather than printing copies where possible
  • Using public transport or cycle to get to rehearsals, wherever possible
  • Liaising with other company members to arrange car-shares whilst on tour, or travel by train

ETO Covid-19 Policy

All Covid-19 legal restrictions, including access to free testing, were removed in April 2022. That being said, we still ask you to exercise caution and consider the choices you make to keep yourself and your colleagues safe. We will leave the decision to wear face coverings up to individuals, fully supporting those who wish to continue using them, and will continue to supply them, along with hand gel and lateral flow tests upon request. Please raise any concerns with Stage Management in the first instance.

Further Information about working with English Touring Opera

Rehearsals & Schedules

Rehearsal Schedules

Weekly schedules will be sent via email by the end of the previous week. As ever these are subject to change and are superseded by any daily update so please keep yourself available unless you have an N/A. Please read them carefully and respond with any questions.

Rehearsal sessions at Mountview (both productions) will usually be Monday – Friday, 10.30am to 5.30pm & Saturday 10.30 to 1.30. In some circumstances we may rehearse on weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

Absence from Rehearsals

If you are unable to attend rehearsals due to illness please contact Jenny, the Company Stage Manager as soon as possible, by phone: 07968 566307. Ideally ring or WhatsApp call, rather than sending a text, as this is more instant, and at some venues WhatsApp may be more reliable than a mobile call.

Cover Rehearsals.

Covers are encouraged to attend as many rehearsals as possible. At times covers will be specifically called to rehearsals; this may be primarily to observe but please also to be ready to participate

Fees, Tour Accommodation, Subsistence & Travel

Bank Forms, Fees & Pay Advice

You should have already received and returned a registration form which asks for your bank details. We cannot pay you unless you have completed and returned this form. Fees are paid on the dates specified on the pay schedule document. Pay advice (payslips) will be emailed to you on the Friday pay date by our Assistant Producer Jo Corrigan.


Company members are responsible for booking their own tour accommodation and are entitled to £90.00 per night subsistence for each performance night (and night before when requested) outside the M25. ‘Night Before Payment’ forms have been sent out, for you to indicate which venue towns/cities you will arrive at the night before, to ensure you are paid the correct amount. Subsistence is paid approximately one month in advance.


Company members are responsible for booking their own travel and will receive payments for each performing venue outside the M25 based on the below travel bands. Payment dates are listed on the pay schedule and are paid approximately one month in advance to enable you to take advantage of advance rail fares which we strongly encourage you do as soon as you can.

Arrival at venues

For venues outside the M25, artists are required to arrive in the venue town/city by 2.00pm on the day of the performance. However, we would encourage you to take advantage of the ‘Night Before Payment’ where available, and arrive the night before, when it requires a journey of more than 2 hours on the day.

Please contact the Company Stage Manager by 2.00pm (unless otherwise called) on the first day at a new venue to confirm you have arrived.

There will be a balance call at each venue, at around 2 hours and 10 mins prior to the performance curtain up time. There will be an earlier recit call, time TBC.

Absence from performance

If you are unable to perform, please contact the Company Stage Manager as soon as possible, by phone call (07968 566307) with as much notice as possible. Please talk directly to the Company Stage Manager and DO NOT contact your cover yourself. Wherever possible, it is better to consult your own doctor for medical problems. However, should you need a doctor urgently we will endeavour to get you an appointment.

On the day of a performance, company members are requested to contact the Company Stage Manager by 11am (beforehand if possible) if they are unwell or unable to perform their role or duties.

If it is necessary for a cover to go on or to be on stand-by, they will be contacted as soon as possible after 11.00 and a decision will be made by 12.00. More notice will be given whenever possible. If additional rehearsals are necessary on the day of a performance, you will be given as much notice as possible and your flexibility and understanding will be appreciated.


Singers are required to provide their own make-up. Please remember to bring this with you for the first stage rehearsal. Any special effect, ageing or unique colours will be provided by the company.

First Aid

The stage management team have first aid kits, ice packs and an accident book. On tour these will be kept near the stage. Please remember that ETO is not permitted to dispense drugs of any kind. In rehearsal and on tour our First Aiders can generally be found within the Stage Management team.

Allergies & Medical Info

If you have any allergies, please inform the Company Stage Manager. If there is anything else you would like to tell us to help in the event of you being taken ill, such as medication you take, if you are diabetic, etc, please let the Company Stage Manager know. Information will be kept confidential.


Borrowed scores remain the property of ETO or the publisher and must be returned at the end of the engagement in good condition (the same condition you received them in). Please do not mark scores in ink or highlighters. Lost or marked scores will result in a charge of the commercial retail value of the score/s.

Marketing and Press

You may be asked to give interviews (normally over the telephone) or take part in photo shoots as part of ETO’s press and marketing activities. Co-operation is appreciated as it helps to fill houses and enhance the visibility of all parties. Members of ETO’s marketing team may visit rehearsals from time to time to collect footage for promotional purposes.

Old Vic Guardian Scheme

ETO offer a First Contact or ‘Guardian’ scheme where you can talk confidentially to a member of staff about any concerns you may have, without having to make a formal complaint and with no risk of escalation. This could be about something serious or a more everyday matter.

The Guardian is there to offer neutral support and, where relevant, to advise upon which processes and staff may assist. Guardians respect and maintain absolute confidentiality over issues raised with them except in cases in which the issues might amount to a criminal offence. Guardians are not in post to call out inappropriate practice; nor intervene and try to fix problems.

To set up a meeting please email one of ETO’s Guardians so you can arrange to meet in a safe space. You will be notified of their names and contact details via the Welcome Pack sent at the start of the rehearsal period.

The scheme has been pioneered by the Old Vic. You can find further details about it HERE.