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Tutankhamun's Shoes

Autumn 2022

Rosabella Gregory and Robin Norton-Hale

Autumn 2022

This autumn, English Touring Opera will take families on an adventure to Ancient Egypt and the Roaring Twenties in our new interactive children's opera, Tutankhamun’s Shoes.  Join Tutankhamun himself, and other surprising characters along the way, and learn all about the ancient world, archaeology, mummification and more!

The piece is written by new ETO General Director, Robin Norton-Hale, and composed by Rosabella Gregory. Tutankhamun's Shoes will tour to theatres, museums and schools around the country from October.


We are taken on the journey by Queen Pharaoh Nefertiti, now an ever-living cat.  She will lead us whirling through time between Tutankhamun’s lonely and gruelling childhood in Ancient Egypt, and 1920s England where Nefertiti has chosen Lady Carnarvon as her person!  See how Howard Carter discovered the tomb, how Tutankhamun was betrayed by his Uncle Ay and wonder how in all those museums with that gold, Tutankhamun’s story was never ever told…