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All in all, it’s great to be an ETO supporter – Desmond Donovan, ETO Production Syndicate Supporter

Thank you very much for visiting the Support ETO section of our website. Having clicked here, I hope I can now inspire you to go one step further and become an ETO supporter.

I hope you will agree that ETO goes from strength to strength. Our productions receive critical acclaim, our innovative education work benefits thousands of participants each year, and the artists we nurture enjoy successful careers.

But we can’t do it alone.

This year we must raise over £500,000 from generous trusts, foundations, companies and individuals like you. Every pound of that will be made to work extremely hard to ensure we can continue to bring the exciting sights and sounds of live opera to thousands of people nationwide.

As with our productions, it takes many different people doing many different things to keep our performances going. There are a number of roles you can play in bringing the magic of live opera to audiences across the country, including:

To thank you for your donation, and for the vital role you play, we would like to make you an ETO Member. Each level of membership provides a number of benefits to enable you to get much closer to ETO.

If you agree that having high quality, affordable productions of live opera in your community is important, please help secure it by becoming a supporter of English Touring Opera today.

Thank you,

James Conway
General Director, ETO

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