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The Heart’s Assurance & A Charm of Lullabies

Michael Tippett | Benjamin Britten

Online broadcast
The Heart's Assurance - Tippett

Thomas Elwin is the tenor soloist in The Heart’s Assurance – the most remarkable and fearless setting of poetry by young men who fought and died in WW2. These poems, thrusting sensual desire into a landscape of death, finds response in movement by Bernadette Iglich.

A Charm of Lullabies - Britten

Katie Stevenson is the soloist in Britten’s bizarre Charm of Lullabies, composed on poems by William Blake, Robert Burns, Robert Greene, Thomas Randolph and John Phillip – maybe not the kind of thing to sing you to sleep.

Song and movement work in partnership with piano, played by Ian Tindale.

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