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English Touring Opera works regularly with schools and groups to create new operas from scratch.

4 – 10 days in duration, either consecutively or split over several weeks, we enable young people to make new work for performance to other students, friends and families.

We bring an experienced team of a composer, writer/director, designer, a professional opera singer, and a few student players to aid with the project.

These residencies are suitable for primary, secondary and special schools.

The students are involved in song-writing, creating the narrative and the words, and of course performing! Some could help with the design or with stage management and/or film.

In collaboration with the school we agree the starting-point for the story, which could be a brand new story, a new version of an existing opera, have a local context, be a reworking of a myth, or be taken from a current political/social situation.

ETO also offer CPD for teachers prior to and after the project to aid them in delivering similar sessions as part of their day to day teaching. We are committed to enhancing music education right across the country.

To hear more about getting involved with Residencies, email our Head of Learning & Participation, Bradley Travis.

Bradley Travis

Head of Learning & Participation