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Autumn 2020: Back in rehearsals

24 Sep 2020

News Story

This month, ETO began rehearsals on our Autumn 2020 season. A team of artists are working on a programme of lyric monodramas that can be toured nationally whilst keeping audiences, artists and staff safe.

The company is incredibly excited to be together, making music again. We are grateful to our fantastic production team and Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts for all of their work in setting up a safe rehearsal space.

Singer looking at sheet music whilst watched by a director

View more photos of ETO rehearsing for the upcoming Autumn tour here.

More details of repertoire for our Autumn 2020 season of lyric monodramas will be announced soon, as well as venue dates and details for purchasing tickets. In the mean time, we are happy to announce some of the fantastic artists we are excited to be working with this season:

Richard Dowling
Thomas Elwin
Edward Hawkins
Paula Sides
Jenny Stafford
Katie Stevenson
Julien Van Mellaerts

Paul Chantry

Ella O’Neill
Sergey Rybin
Ian Tindale

Susan Bickley
James Conway
Bernadette Iglich
Rae Piper
John Savournin
Rahel Vonmoos