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Back Into the World: Support the tour!

A new commission by English Touring Opera for children aged 4 - 8, Back into the World has been created to respond to many of the challenges children have faced during the past year: missing friends, increased anxiety, disruptions to learning, challenges understanding emotions and isolation. We’ll take them on an interactive, participatory adventure, making music together, exploring friendship, sharing, teamwork and diversity, and discovering the natural world, and we need your support to do so.

The project has been so well received by schools that we have the opportunity to triple the number of performances, reaching 3000 children across the country in the process. We are extremely keen to deliver on this, but the unprecedented demand means that we need your help to make the tour a reality.

Back into the World will actively engage children in an immersive, creative experience, through strong collaborative elements and an interactive story. Children will express their creative voices alongside their peers by participating in group songs and creating new music to reignite and strengthen their ties with friends, build teamwork and collaboration and stimulate their creativity and self-expression. The pandemic has had huge detrimental impact on children’s mental health, wellbeing and happiness. In a survey of over 2,000 children, over 80% felt their mental health had worsened because of the pandemic. With your support, we can challenge this situation, ensuring children across the country are happier, more united and successful.

If you would like to help bring the tour to children around the country, please make a one-off donation using the widget below. Thank you for your support.

Back Into The World is composed by Alex Groves, written and directed by Rebecca Hanbury and designed by Rebecca Wood.