Joining a Production Syndicate

ETO Production Syndicates

English Touring Opera relies on the generous support of individuals and organisations to continue touring high quality productions of adventurous repertoire to audiences across the UK.

One of the most exciting ways to support our work is to join a Production Syndicate.

Joining a Production Syndicate gives you the chance to learn more about the opera you are supporting, exploring the music, story, characters and the context of the composition in the company of like-minded people. It is also gives you the opportunity to get much closer to the production process, joining the cast and creative team at every stage of the process, from initial designs, through rehearsals and the first night performance.

This is a unique opportunity for those who love opera and want to get even closer to the action.

To join a Production Syndicate we ask for donations of £1,000 and above to support the production.

Current Syndicates:

Handel’s Giulio Cesare and Rameau’s Dardanus

Our Autumn 2017 Season unites home ground with virgin territory for us; in over 30 years of performances no composer has featured so prevalently as Handel, and this autumn’s unabridged performance of his monumental Giulio Cesare promises to be the crowning glory of our testament to him. By contrast, Dardanus will be both ETO’s first production of a French Baroque Opera and the UK premiere of the 1744 version, prepared in partnership with one of the UK’s most renowned Rameau Scholars, Dr Jonathan Williams.

As ever, supporters are taken right to the heart of the artistic process, with opportunities to meet the cast, players and director at rehearsals, receptions and set viewings. We will also be hosting one of our popular Syndicate Study Days on the historical figure behind the much-romanticised Cleopatra VII, led by eminent Egyptologist and author Dr Geraldine Pinch, and opportunities to hear members of the cast perform in chamber recitals.

For more information about our plans for Production Syndicates in Autumn 2017 and in future seasons, please contact Oliver Doyle on 020 7833 2555 or

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