Supporting a Production

Supporting a Production

ETO’s low ticket prices ensure our work remains accessible but mean we will never be able to survive on ticket sales alone.

Each season, our new productions are made possible by a growing number of supporters forming a syndicate, whose generosity ensures works rare and well-loved works make it to the stage for all to enjoy.

Joining a syndicate gives you the opportunity to get much closer to the production process, joining us at every stage of the process, from initial designs, through rehearsals and the first night performance, while also enjoying social occasions, from intimate chamber recitals to dinners with fellow supporters and the cast.

Donations of any amount are gratefully received, with a suggested donation of £1,000 or more for those interested in joining our syndicates.

Current Syndicates:


Spanning the length of the Baroque, our Autumn 2018 season takes us from the very birth of opera in the declamation of the mannerist madrigal through to Handel’s Radamisto, our 11th new production of a Handel opera during James Conway’s tenure at ETO.

Claimed by Charles Burney to be ‘more solid, ingenious, and full of fire than any drama which Handel had yet produced in this country’, Radamisto is one of Handel’s most gripping dramas, but also one of his most difficult to stage. Remaining faithful to the drama’s setting of ancient Armenia, James (directing) and designer Adam Wiltshire will make use of a unique artistic heritage, and costume reflecting the Persian, Roman and Hellenic influences from Armenia’s neighbours, to create a production that serves both the drama and Handel’s music in the best possible manner.

Radamisto’s sister production, Dido and Aeneas by contrast is set squarely in the 17th Century. Preceded by a prologue of Carissimi’s Jonas and Gesualdo’s wildly chromatic madrigals and Tenebrae service to form a new Triple Bill, the theme of abandonment runs strong, whether Dido’s, that of Jonah’s fellow mariners or Gesualdo’s own torment, and Sebastian Harcombe’s production will conjure a scene worthy of a Caravaggist for pathos.

Syndicate members are welcome to support chairs in the orchestra, that of the conductor, production costs or lead roles. For more information about our plans for Production Syndicates in Autumn 2018 and in future seasons, please download the current syndicate brochure, or contact Oliver Doyle on 020 7833 2555 or

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