Supporting ETO's Productions in your Will

Supporting ETO’s Productions in your Will

Once you have looked after your loved ones, leaving a gift in your Will is a fantastic way to support your favourite charities.

Supporting a production is a fantastic way of ensuring that ETO can continue touring high quality productions of live opera to audiences across the country, enabling your favourite operas to live on.

As a charity, all of the things you see on stage (and a lot of the things you don’t) have been made possible by the support we receive from generous individuals and organisations.

When leaving a gift in your Will, you can choose how the charity uses that gift. There are lots of different ways you might choose to support our productions. For example, you might like to sponsor a whole production of an opera from a favourite period or by a favourite composer. Alternatively, you might like your legacy to be used over a longer period of time, supporting our work over a number of seasons.

You might also like to sponsor particular elements of our productions. Fans of operas set in “period costume” might like to leave a gift to help us buy costumes and wigs for a new production. Those with an interest in the technical side of our work might be more interested in helping us purchase and maintain some of the equipment we need to tour, such as lights and sound equipment.

However you choose to support us in your Will, we would like to talk to you about your wishes, to ensure your legacy provides a fitting tribute. We also want to make sure you are properly thanked, and that your gift is remembered for many years to come. This could include a message on our surtitles screens prior to a performance, or a message in our season programme.

Why not take a moment to think about what production you would support, if you were leaving a gift to ETO. Is there one opera you would like to sponsor, or many? Would you sponsor the whole production, or a particular element of it? How would you like your support to be credited? We would love to hear your ideas.

To discuss leaving a legacy to ETO, please contact Kate Eberwein on 0207 833 2555 or by emailing

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