Leaving a Legacy

A Gift in Your Will

Let them say of us: “In their last hour they shone” – The Siege of Calais

“Leaving a Legacy to English Touring Opera is a way for me to invest in the future of a profession that has given me so much pleasure for the last 40 years. It gives me enormous pleasure to think that, long after I’m gone, my legacy will play an important role in the work ETO does” – Chris Ball, Legacy Supporter

Once you have looked after your loved ones, leaving a gift in your Will is a fantastic way to ensure that future generations continue to get as much enjoyment from ETO’s work as you do.

Your gift can support any aspect of ETO’s work. You might like to:

  • Support our Productions. For example, you might like to sponsor a whole production, or split your gift to support productions for a number of years.
  • Support our Education Work. For example, you might like ETO to use your gift to commission a new opera for school children. Or, perhaps, you might like us to use it to provide opportunities for people in your community for a number of years.
  • Supporting our Young Artist Programme. For example, your gift might establish an annual bursary to support young singers, directors, designers, conductors or composers.

How would you like to be remembered?

However you choose to support us in your Will, we would like to talk to you about your wishes, to ensure your legacy is remembered for years to come.

Please consider a gift to ETO in your will today and give the legacy of opera for generations to come.

Leaving a Legacy could also reduce your level of Inheritance Tax

Did you know that, in some cases, leaving a gift to ETO in your Will could help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax deducted from your estate?

Firstly, gifts to charities such as ETO are deducted from your estate before the amount of Inheritance Tax is calculated.

Secondly, following changes to Inheritance Tax, anybody leaving at least 10% to a charitable cause will be able to take advantage of a reduced rate in Inheritance Tax, from its current level of 40% down to 36%. As a registered charity (279354), gifts to ETO in your Will could be eligible.

We recommend you speak to your solicitor or financial advisor for more information about Inheritance Tax.

Further Information
For further information, please contact Catherine Bench at catherine.bench@englishtouringopera.org.uk or call 020 7833 2555.

How to leave a gift in your Will

How to make a new Will

Making a Will is not complicated but it is important that it is done correctly.

  • First appoint a professional adviser – usually a solicitor.
  • Then work out how much you have to leave, including the total sum of your property, money and possessions, less any outstanding mortgages or loans.
  • Decide who you want to benefit from your Will (family, friends, charities or good causes).
  • Choose executors to ensure your wishes are carried out. These can be professional advisers, friends or family members, or one of each.
  • Finally, keep your Will safe and make sure your executors know where to find it. Give one copy to your solicitor.

How to update an existing Will

You do not have to rewrite your Will completely in order to add a gift to English Touring Opera . This can be achieved simply by adding a codicil to your existing Will. A codicil does not necessarily change the terms of your Will: it is a supplement, which changes or amends part of the Will. If you wish to change your Will substantially, we advise that you contact your solicitor and have the Will rewritten to include all your changes in a new document.

Different ways of leaving a gift to ETO in your Will

  • A monetary or pecuniary bequest leaves to ETO a specified sum of money (which can be index-linked to prevent its value being eroded by inflation).
  • A residuary bequest leaves to ETO a percentage of the remainder of your estate, after other legacies and charges have been met.
  • A reversionary bequest leaves your assets to a named beneficiary (for example your spouse) for their lifetime, with the whole or a proportion reverting to ETO on their death.
  • A specific or non monetary bequest allows you to leave shares, property, stocks, pictures or furniture to ETO either on terms that they be retained or that they may be sold when advantageous to provide funds for ETO.

The Remember A Charity website has lots of useful information to help you write your Will.

Further Information
For further information, please contact Dominic Haddock, Head of Development & Communications on 0207 8332555 / dominic.haddock@englishtouringopera.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I leave a gift to English Touring Opera? I didn’t know it was a charity.
A. English Touring Opera is a registered charity (number 279354). This means that any lifetime gifts to ETO are eligible for Gift Aid, and that a gift to ETO in your Will is free from Inheritance Tax. In addition, a gift to ETO in your will may have tax benefits for your estate by reducing the amount liable to Inheritance Tax.

Q. Can the value of my legacy go down over time?
A. It is difficult to predict precisely how the value of your legacy will be affected 10, 20 or 30+ years from now. However, the most effective way to protect your gift against inflation is to leave a percentage of your estate to charity, rather than a specific sum whose value will decrease year on year as inflation rises.

Q. Can I give a copy of my signed Will to anyone for safekeeping?
A. You can keep a copy of your Will with your solicitor or bank, as well as holding a copy yourself. It is also wise to tell your executors where they can find the original. From time to time you should review your Will to make sure it still accurately reflects your wishes and takes account of recent events in your life, such as the birth of a grandchild.

Q. Can I choose what my legacy is spent on?
A. Yes, you can. Whilst we welcome legacies that can be used for general purposes, we are also very happy to accept gifts for particular use. That means you can choose what your money is spent on.

Q. Can I choose how much I want to leave and does it have to be for a lot of money?
A. Anyone can leave a gift to ETO in their Will and we welcome all gifts – large and small. Some people leave us specific gifts of money and others choose to leave us the residue of their estate, which can be arranged so that surviving dependants are looked after first.

Further Information
For further information, please contact Catherine Bench at catherine.bench@englishtouringopera.org.uk or call 020 7833 2555.

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