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Snakeskin was a multisensory workshop based on The Magic Flute, devised for children and students with profound and multiple learning difficulty.

A multi-sensory workshop for children with severe learning needs based on The Magic Flute

ETO has worked extensively and creatively with people with special needs for many years. This workshop addressed the needs of young people with more profound difficulty, including children who are on the severe end of the autistic spectrum. The workshop, which toured extensively in the spring of 2009, was appropriate for individuals with limited speech or understanding. The workshop was fully designed and costumed by Ruth Paton. The ETO team included singers and players, and they explored the world of The Magic Flute in delightful, multi-sensory ways, encouraging students to experience directly the sounds, smells, and textures of an enchanted forest.

This project was made possible by the generous support of Mr and Mrs Joseph Karaviotis, and Equitable Charitable Trust.

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