English Touring Opera - Upcoming events http://englishtouringopera.org.uk/productions/rss/ Upcoming events at Warwick Arts Centre en-gb <![CDATA[Tosca]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire Puccini’s visceral depiction of love and power in the midst of political terror.

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Puccini’s visceral depiction of love and power in the midst of political terror, is directed by award-winning Blanche McIntyre, new to opera but fresh from some revelatory work in the theatre. A trio of powerful UK artists are lined up for the diva, the artist and the chief of police, so it is sure to be a night of passion.

A new production. Sung in Italian with English surtitles.

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<![CDATA[Tosca ]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire Twenty groups of children from around the country are joining ETO’s professional production of one of the greatest operas of all time.

In Spring 2017 English Touring Opera tours the UK with one of the greatest operas of all time: Puccini’s epic and political drama Tosca. In one of the opera’s most powerful scenes Puccini summons a vivid church atmosphere, in which soloists, choristers and congregation join to chilling and epic effect.

As part of ETO’s mission to engage with local communities, and following the success of our production of La Boheme, we are currently looking for local children’s choirs to join in as the choristers in this production of Tosca. 12 children, aged 8-12, will appear on stage and in costume in this production.

The thrill of live theatre; multi-tasking – singing, acting, moving; the opportunity to be part of a professional production, with a live orchestra, is something they’ll never forget.

Dee Oelmann, Headteacher, on La Boheme.

If you would like to join us in this very exciting project contact Daniel Coelho or call 020 7833 2555.

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<![CDATA[Patience]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire ETO's first production of a light Gilbert and Sullivan opera.

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Patience, a light opera, by Gilbert and Sullivan is the duo’s extremely witty, infrequently performed little masterpiece about the Aesthetic Movement of the 1880s, with willowy poets, sighing maidens, hearty milkmaids and burly officers galore. Every tune is whistleable, every word worth hearing, and the humour is as fresh as it was at the first performance.

Sung in English.

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<![CDATA[Silver Electra]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Vauxhall Primary School Silver Electra is the very first opera about Amelia Earhart.

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In 1937 the most famous woman on the planet went missing in her silver Electra aeroplane. Amelia Earhart was approaching the final leg of her round the world flight when the plane disappeared, and neither she nor her plane were ever found. 40 years later, and 2,000 miles away in Australia, an old jar of freckle cream is discovered by an elderly woman on the beach. So begins a story that takes us from Australia to America and back, with a huge cast of exciting characters.

Silver Electra is an opera that looks both at the riveting story of Earhart herself, and at issues around memory loss. It also explores a complex family relationship, as we meet Bindi, the older woman’s daughter, her new partner Darrel, and her son Noah, who himself goes missing in the outback at the climax of the opera. The opera also highlights the role of women pioneers in the twentieth century.

The team behind Laika the Spacedog and Shackleton’s Cat of composer Russell Hepplewhite, writer Tim Yealland and designer Jude Munden have created this new opera, which is suitable for both Key Stage 2 (ages 9-11) and Key Stage 3 (ages 12-14), as well as families.

The opera is performed by a cast of 4 professional singers, and violin, viola, keyboard and a big range of percussion (much of it handmade). It lasts 65 minutes, and there are opportunities to ask questions and meet the cast after the show.

The opera is accompanied by resources for teachers, and supports the curriculum subjects of science, history, design and technology, geography, literacy, music and drama. There will also be songs for children to learn ahead of the visit of ETO to a school.

If you are interested in booking the opera please contact Daniel Coelho or call 020 7833 2555.

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<![CDATA[Different ]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Aurora House A new opera for SEND audiences.

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Different is a brand new opera for SEND audiences created by Key Club (a group of young adults with high functioning autism or asperger’s syndrome), composer Llywelyn ap Myrddin, designer Ruth Paton, and director Tim Yealland. The opera is performed by singers Eleanor Ross, Jan Capinski and Maciek O’Shea, cellist Jon Kitchen and trumpeter Ruth Ross. The piece travels to SEND schools and to small venues across the UK in the spring of 2017.

Romek and Tomek are Polish twins camping with their dog Peaches in the woods. A stranger – Alona – arrives, hungry and hunting for biscuits. Alona is so organised and competent the men are frightened of her, and when a storm breaks won’t allow her into their tents. Finally, and after the dog has had puppies, the stranger herself is in desperate need of help. The opera is fun, colourful, stimulating and participatory. It is suitable for young people with a wide variety of learning and physical needs.

Different builds on ETO’s many successful operas for special needs audiences. RedBlueGreen, Spin, Rumbled, Waxwings and Dust Child have been seen by audiences in schools in most of ETO’s touring venues. Interactive, stimulating and participatory, the operas are created to be enjoyed by young people of every ability.

Key Club is run by Turtle Key Arts, one of principle ETO’s long-term partners.

In June 2017 the opera tours to the Philharmonie in Luxembourg for 11 performances. This is our seventh visit to the Philharmonie, at the invitation of Fondation EME, and we are delighted to be returning.

If you are interested in booking the opera please contact Daniel Coelho or call 020 7833 2555.

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<![CDATA[Visual to Vocal 2017]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Dulwich Picture Gallery Visual to Vocal is a groundbreaking project that sees ETO creating new work in response to paintings in the Dulwich Picture Gallery’s collection.

In 2017 ETO is collaborating once more with Dulwich Picture Gallery and with Dulwich College. Visual to Vocal is a groundbreaking project that sees us creating new work in response to paintings in the Gallery’s collection. The project is for people living with dementia and their carers, and takes place on 10 consecutive weeks with a performance at the end.

This is the fifth project at the Gallery, and celebrates the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Gallery. We will explore the lives, studios and milieu of several of the key painters represented in the collection, including Rembrandt and Gainsborough. The final piece will be a staged song-cycle that brings these artists to life in surprising ways.

The project seeks to give a creative voice to people living with dementia, and puts them at the heart of a creative process, writing lyrics, helping with melodies as well as with the story.

The composer is Rachel Leach. We are joined by students from Dulwich College, and by Matthew Wilsher (clarinet).

There will be a pop-up performance by this year’s Visual to Vocal participants on Tuesday 16 May at 3.30pm at Dulwich Picture Gallery. All are welcome to attend: please click here for directions and visitor information.

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<![CDATA[National Portrait Gallery]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - National Portrait Gallery English Touring Opera and National Portrait Gallery collaborate once more to inspire brand new musical theatre composition with primary schools.

Using the National Portrait Gallery’s collection, and working in collaboration with professional musicians from English Touring Opera, primary school children aged 7-11 are introduced to a portrait, and encouraged to create words and music to perform their own piece to the public in front of the chosen portrait.

Primary teachers can now explore the skills used in this project in their own teaching by attending our CPD day on 25 June 2015. More information here.

Recent feedback

“I didn’t know paintings could be so interesting!”
“I want to play piano as good as Pete when I grow up.”
“I’m going to ask my mum if we can come back to the gallery in the holidays so I can show her the painting and sing her the song.”

It was fun thinking of ideas, working in a team and looking at the portraits. The best part was making up the story. I loved the song!

Guadalupe, 10

Amazing, it was fun learning and making the song about T.S. Eliot. The best part was working and brainstorming the song. Never close down the gallery!

Niamh, 10

The workshop on Thursday was excellent – thoroughly enjoyed by children and staff. Pete pitched the work at the perfect level for our Y3-5 mixed group (I know it’s not always easy with a mixed group). The children were buzzing all the way home. We also had some parents who came to watch the performance and were really impressed too.

Teacher, Chase Bridge School

We had a fabulous time. What a really great project with terrific end results, the kids were all so thrilled with their song. Pete was inspirational. Do book us in again next year.

Teacher, St Paul’s CE Primary School

Eight years of collaboration!

2015 marks the eighth year of this remarkable collaboration between English Touring Opera and the National Portrait Gallery. Combining the visual arts, with history, literacy, and music this series of inspiring and creative workshops provides an opportunity for teachers of Key Stage 2 to deepen their pupils’ appreciation and understanding in these curriculum areas.

How does the day work?

Pictures in the collection serve as a jumping off point for new composition. The children are taken to one of the Gallery spaces, where they are introduced to a historical or contemporary portrait. Using their newfound knowledge of the portrayed character, the pupils then begin instant music-theatre composition, working with professional musicians in the workshop space to create their own original lyrics and music. The workshop lasts a full day and concludes with the children returning to the portrait in the main Gallery to perform their composition in public.

These workshops are run biannually at the National Portrait Gallery and are led by leading musicians and animateurs Paul Griffiths and Pete Letanka assisted by a range of other professional musicians.

Contact and booking details

The workshop is suitable for all Key Stage 2 classes and lasts a full day.

For more details please email Tim Yealland or Daniel Coelho at ETO, or call 020 7833 2555.

English Touring Opera and the National Portrait Gallery would like to acknowledge the generous support of Sarah and Geoff Roberts for this project.

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<![CDATA[Bessie's Wings]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Morley College, Lambeth

Bessie’s Wings is a new opera devised with nearly 100 children from primary schools in Lambeth, including Vauxhall, Ashmole and St Mark’s schools. Working with a team from ETO (including composer Llywelyn ap Myrddin) the opera will be performed at Morley College on the 22nd and 23rd June 2017. Bessie is played by soprano Abigail Kelly. A jazz ensemble will create the musical world of the show.

Bessie Coleman is a figure of huge significance in African American history. Born into poverty in Texas at the end of the 19th century she became the first black woman to gain a pilot’s license, having travelled to France for flying lessons when she was denied opportunities in the US because of her gender and colour. She went on to become a celebrity, thrilling crowds with her aerobatic displays. These stunts eventually led to her untimely death.

Our opera, devised over a series of workshops from March to June, looks not just at the circumstances of her life, but also at the segregated conditions African Americans endured in the American South at the beginning of the last century.

Accompanying the opera is a hugely ambitious art project, involving a large number of Lambeth schools, and leading to a travelling exhibition. The show opens at ovalhouse, and will eventually be seen in the brand new US Embassy in Vauxhall. The project is also a collaboration with the Norwich and Norfolk Festival Bridge, involving selected schools in the area.

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