English Touring Opera - Upcoming events http://englishtouringopera.org.uk/productions/rss/ Upcoming events at Warwick Arts Centre en-gb <![CDATA[Elizabeth I]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire Rossini's masterpiece about the woman behind the monach

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The first fully staged professional production of Rossini’s opera Elizabeth I (Elisabetta, regina d’Inghilterra) to tour the UK since 1818.

Elizabeth I shows the woman behind the monarch. The queen had the reputation of a queen who ruled with her head, and silenced her heart – but writers and composers remained fascinated with her private life, and in particular her rivalry with her cousin Mary Queen of Scots.

Rossini’s opera contrasts the private and public spheres of her life, sparkling with vocal fireworks which culminate in a virtuosic showdown between the virgin queen, her councillor, her lover and his wife.

Sung in Italian with English surtitles

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<![CDATA[Idomeneo]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire Mozart's greatest opera seria

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Returning from the Trojan War and caught in the midst of a storm, King Idomeneo promises the raging seas that he will sacrifice the first person he meets, in return for his safe passage. Cruelly, the first person he encounters is his only son, Idamante.

The rivalry between the princesses Ilia and Elettra for the heart of Idamante coupled with a king’s ill-fated promise provide a rich, emotional drama and unforgettable music.

Idomeneo remains one the greatest of his ‘opera seria’’ (serious operas). This is an opera that explores royalty, high ideals and deep emotions.

Sung in Italian with English surtitles

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<![CDATA[Macbeth]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire Macbeth will be king. But royalty comes at a price

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The witches have a prophecy: Macbeth will be king, but the
crown comes at a terrible price.

The blood-soaked path to power is followed by two characters
who are among the very finest created by Shakespeare,
and by Verdi.

Gerry Cornelius conducts his first opera for ETO, directed by James Dacre. Andrew Porter’s careful English translation brings as much of Shakespeare to the production as possible.

Sung in English with English surtitles

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<![CDATA[Perform in Macbeth]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Hackney Empire 17 children from around the country are joining ETO’s professional production of one of the greatest operas of all time.

In Spring 2019 English Touring Opera tours the UK with one of the greatest operas of all time: Verdi’s Macbeth based on the seminal play by William Shakespeare. In one of the opera’s most emotional arias, a heartbroken Banquo bids farewell to his son and gives his life in order to save him.

As part of ETO’s mission to engage with local communities, and following the success of our productions of La Boheme, Tosca and Iphigenie en Tauride, we are currently looking for a local boy to join us as Fleance, Banquo’s son in this production of Macbeth.

One boy, aged 8-12, will appear on stage and in costume in this production. No previous acting experience required. Fleance is a silent acting role.

The thrill of live theatre; multi-tasking – singing, acting, moving; the opportunity to be part of a professional production, with a live orchestra, is something they’ll never forget.

Dee Oelmann, Headteacher, on La boheme (2015)

If you would like to join us in this very exciting project please contact Daniel Coelho or call 020 7833 2555.

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<![CDATA[Paradise Planet]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - Southbank International School, London (Kensington) Paradise Planet is a celebration of the natural world that puts children at the heart of stories about the environment.

Credit Rebecca Pitt

Paradise Planet is a collection of ocean stories for families and children in primary schools (KS2). This world of musical mayhem follows the adventures of humans who live on the waves, and the animals that live beneath them. This interactive opera celebrates the awesome power of the ocean – but things are not all as they seem and the animals are in danger. As the stories collide it’s up to us to save this magical world.

This interactive performance uses song, live musicians and sound-design wizardry to show children that they have the power to change the world.

Written by artists Hanbury & Groves, the opera is performed by a cast of 4 professional singers. The musical ensemble is cello, clarinet and keyboard.

The opera is accompanied by extensive resources for teachers. This curriculum-linked piece draws from the KS2 Science syllabus on ‘Living Things’ including classifying and naming animals, food chains, changing natural environments, human impact, conservation, and working scientifically. There will also be songs for children to learn ahead of the visit of ETO to a school.

Running time: approx. 1 hour
Q&A and meet the cast after the performance

We visit schools, libraries and smaller theatre venues, so if you’d like to book a performance, please contact Daniel Coelho or call 020 7833 2555.

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<![CDATA[Waxwings]]> English Touring Opera English Touring Opera - York Theatre Royal A multi-sensory opera about birds, minotaurs and facing our own fears

Credit: Rebecca Pitt

First day at school should be exciting and fun. But what happens if you turn up at a school that’s run by a mythical monster? Especially one who hates the very thing that you love – birds! Find out what happens when a boy and girl discover an injured waxwing and try to make it fly again.

Waxwings is the latest in ETO’s acclaimed series of operas for young audiences with special educational needs and disabilities. The opera is highly interactive, with lots of multi-sensory elements, and is designed to stimulate and engage with young people with many different and complex needs.

The opera features beautiful new music created by Clive and Mark Ives, of the celebrated ensemble Woo Music, with live singing and playing, and lots of interactive design by Ruth Paton. Words and direction are by Tim Yealland.

Expect some very peculiar characters. Let’s see if we can fly away at the end!

We really enjoyed the performance and I got very positive feedback from staff, who felt that there was a good balance of music, singing, action, interactive opportunities, and good changes of mood and pace, all of which help to engage our pupils. Some of the children were able to tell me that they enjoyed it but with others, we can only interpret responses, which indicated real enjoyment and good attention – so thank you!

Assistant Headteacher, The Hall School

I enjoyed all of it. I found the part with the boy not wanting to go to school funny.

Telford College student

Running time: approx. 50 mins

We visit schools, libraries and studio theatres, so if you’d like to book a performance, please contact Daniel Coelho or call 020 7833 2555.

Preview Trailer

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