Crossing the Styx

Crossing the Styx was the first of a trilogy of curriculum-linked operas for primary schools, looking at old classical myths in new and unexpected ways.

In the autumn of 2006 we toured a new opera, Crossing the Styx, to primary schools and small theatres across the country. This highly successful retelling of the Orpheus myth was fully interactive, supported with songs for the audience and commissioned cartoon strips. A multi-talented and multi-national cast of actors, players and singers (including a latin-dancing trombonist) told the story through song, puppetry, drama and dance. It was a second collaboration with storytelling theatre company Wonderful Beast, with new music by Rachel Leach. The show proved a great introduction to the world of classical mythology, bringing to life such key figures as Orpheus, Charon, Pluto and Persephone. Comments from our young audience: I felt I was going to cry because it was very good (Douglas, 10); your work made me feel the happiest I’ve ever been before! (Melissa, 8); I felt like a spark was flickering inside me (Matty, 10); It made me want to sing! (Connor, 9); It me feel me feel all floaty and excited and sad (Aysha, 10).

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