Don Pasquale: making the set

9th February 2010

You may remember from our sneak preview a while ago that Don Pasquale’s house would be a set with a back wall covered with pictures of himself. Last Friday, the photo shoot for these pictures took place, with photographer Simon Annand and singer Keel Watson, who will play Don Pasquale. The photographs will be enlarged and printed on foamboard, with the largest measuring six feet by eight feet. In our production Don Pasquale is a proud conductor, and these pictures will depict his finest moments, conducting the greatest orchestras.

We took some photos ourselves so that you could follow the shoot too:

The room is set up with backdrops and props; director William Oldroyd explains the set to Simon Annand; a playlist is set up for Keel Watson to conduct to during the shoot (including the Don Pasquale overture!); the lights are fired up; Simon and Keel discuss the layout with designer Agnes Treplin; Simon takes lots of photos using different lighting, poses, props and costumes; Keel’s wig is adjusted between shots; Andrew Slater, who is the understudy Don Pasquale, is also photographed.

We hope to publish some of the set photos on our website once we get our hands on them!

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