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Tuesday 2 March 2010

I don’t know why it came as a surprise when I woke up this morning to think that we are opening at Sadlers Wells one week today. After all, we have been rehearsing for ages – and, in order to prepare 3 shows at the same time, I had to get a lot of work done on A Midsummer Night’s Dream several weeks ago. Anyhow, it’s all pleasant excitement at the moment: Pasquale is in stage/orchestra rehearsal today, and Dream goes in tomorrow. At the same time there are the final rehearsals for Figaro, back in the Pimlico rehearsal rooms after stage rehearsals in Croydon. Figaro looks elegant, and the relationships – so crucial to that piece – are beginning to acquire their own life.

I wish I could be at the Pasquale rehearsals today: I want so much to see what it will look like! But I am helping with a Figaro scene (Bernadette Iglich is reviving the production with her own flavour) this afternoon, and there is a ton of office work to do this morning. Most of that is fun: I spent the weekend studying La Clemenza di Tito and Il tabarro, so that I can take casting/production decisions a step further for Spring 2011.

We are all on tenterhooks about the Exeter Northcott, which went into administration last week. Our shows there in a few weeks are all but sold out, and it would be really bad for us all if they did not go ahead. The Northcott has been a strong partner for about 30 years, and we have a lot of important relationships in Exeter and its hinterland. I hope they find a way through this.

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  1. John & I are also on "tenterhooks" re the Northcott having bought tickets! Praying performances will go ahead & hoping beyond hope that the Northcott may be saved?

    Said Christine Marsden on at 16:25pm on 2nd Mar 2010

  2. We were delighted to perform at the Northcott this season - it's one of the venues we've been visiting for the longest time, and we always feel well supported in Exeter.

    Said Thalia (ETO) on at 12:37pm on 22nd Mar 2010

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