Back from Exeter

Thursday 5 November 2009

Back from Exeter – a city I always admire – where the first night (Flavio) at the Northcott was just as enthusiastic as it had been in Malvern. What’s remarkable is the concentration. People ask me why it’s blue, why there is a red circle, why they hold small red books – but they always know why, and are pleased to have confirmation. On my desk were several letters and cards from Malvern (the post is moving, I guess), each of them kind and appreciative. It makes a great difference to the day to think that people are still thinking of the performances.

I hope they like Tolomeo tonight. It’s such an unusual, intense show. There is a digital fireworks display at the theatre after the show which sounds wacky in a good way. A number of our players are involved.

Where I wish I could be on Saturday is Praa Sands, near Penzance. Our new children’s opera by Rachel Leach and Tim Yealland – In the Belly of the Horse, so think of Troy – has a single performance in a small hall there. I haven’t been able to see it yet, but it sounds great: I really like all the singers involved, and I know a project like this, with most of the performances in schools, brings out a very special kind of commitment in performance. 6-12 year olds see everything, and ask the most disarmingly pertinent questions afterward!

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