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Remembered today as a French polymath, Pierre Beaumarchais’ talents seemed to be never-ending. His knowledge spanned between inventing, publishing, being a musician, a playwright and much more. So what is the legacy this jack of all trades has left behind?

Why are wigs still important in opera? What do different styles of wigs signify?

Opera productions often utilise era-specific traditions when it comes to character aesthetics, so to create meaningful interpretations of these well-loved stories. This means that costumes, jewellery and wigs are often hand-made for each character, which may be surprising to some who may not realise that many opera productions still use wigs. As well as the obvious physical aesthetics that wigs offer, which I will go into in more detail later on, the practicalities associated with wigs are also a plus for the costume department. If a character has more than one hairstyle change, then it is much easier and quicker to change wigs, rather than restyling their real hair. Wigs also ensure the same look for each...

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word marriage? Love? Companionship? A rather stressful ‘big day’? Well, you’re in luck, because Mozart’s popular comic opera, The Marriage of Figaro offers all of that, plus even more twists and turns.

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