ETO can boast one of the most specialist orchestras of any opera company, thanks to our pool of freelance musicians we can select for a specific season. An ensemble is created each season to match the company’s varied repertoire, from a period-instrument baroque ensemble for the 2009 Handelfest season, right through to a contemporary music group for the 2010 World Premier of Alexander Goehr’s Promised End. A normal season, consisting of the traditional operatic repertoire, would be performed by an orchestra of around 55 musicians, performing in 45 performances a season (two seasons a year).

Through the high-standards of the orchestra’s output, the company has come to work with internationally acclaimed conductors over the last 30 years, including Ivor Bolton, David Parry, and Marin Andre.

In our work with schools, communities and centres for people with disabilities, the ETO orchestra functions in smaller ensembles and as individual players, fulfilling a wide programme of events.

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